Academic integrity gets renewed stress in aftermath of a

The Ministry of Education has asked universities with advanced degree programs to stren

gthen their supervision of student enrollment and management after a few high-profile academic m

isconduct cases tarnished the reputation of the country’s postgraduate education.

The ministry has zero tolerance for academic misconduct, suc

h as plagiarism, and universities should scrutinize every step of graduate writing, fro

m choosing research topics to dissertation defense, it said in a statement on Wednesday.

Any misconduct will be dealt with seriously, and academic pape

rs, theses and dissertations will be shared with other institutions to add more scrutiny, it said.

The academic misconduct case of actor Zhai Tianlin has shed light on the lack of supervision of academic writing among postg

raduate students. Zhai, who was found guilty of academic misconduct, has been stripped of his doctoral degree at Be

ijing Film Academy. Peking University has removed Zhai from its postdoctoral research program. Chen Yi, Zhai’s

upervisor at the academy, has been barred from supervising any doctoral candidates.